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Wireless Invisible Anti Theft Electric Keyless Stainless Steel Remote Control Door Lock For home
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details about anti theft electric home door lock keyless lock stainless steel remote control lock

details about anti theft electric home door lock keyless lock stainless steel remote control lock

details about anti theft electric home door lock keyless lock stainless steel remote control lock




01. How to open or close Keyless Lock?

Keyless Lock opens and closes without a key, it works by remote distance impossible to copy.

02. Where can you install?

Keyless Lock can be installed on any door, window, cabinet, car, etc. It is a complementary lock and not the main lock. It can be fixed by screws or rivets in wood or metal doors and extra strong adhesive glass doors. Installation is quick and easy: however it is recommend installed by a professional. Is not ready for outdoors. Their use is only for indoors.

03 Can you copy the remote control?

No, the remote controls are impossible to copy. They are equipped with a radio frequency which varies encrypted every opening and closing.

04 What is the warranty Keyless Lock?

Keyless Lock has a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Excluded from the warranty all defects and damage caused by external events, wear, accident, misuse or improper installation. To manage the warranty if necessary, you can do so through contacting  me    All statutory warranty conditions specified in the product manual.

05 What happens if I lose or stolen remote control?

In this case you must link the remaining controls as indicated in the instruction manual. From that moment all the bound controls will not be without effect. It is advisable to keep a remote backup in a place of trust.

06 How many controls can open each lock?

Each lock can be opened by up to 16 remotes.

07 What type of batteries or feeder should I use?

Keyless Lock runs on 2 AA alkaline batteries or type. Remote controls use CR2032 batteries included all button. It also has a USB cable to connect to the network or car battery via USB DC5V adapter not included in the pack.

08How long do the batteries last?

In the body of the lock lasts between 12 months and a year depending a lot on its usage of the product is estimated. For controlling a duration of one year with the same usage is estimated, this anger down the brightness of the red LED and battery replacement when necessary, the brightness is very dim.

09 How recommend feeding the lock?

For use in a principal residence, it is recommended to use only batteries and we will receive notice of changes to them with daily use and installation of the cable can be costly and unnecessary. For use in a store, warehouse or uncrowded housing, it is recommended the dual use of both as the lock is powered by the mains and the batteries have no energy expenditure, leaving only as an energy reserve in case it gives the case of a power mains and necessary to open the door before it is restored. For use in a transport vehicle, we also recommend the dual use through USB converter DC5V adapter because the batteries do not hold up well as extreme temperatures that can occur in the interior of a vehicle due to the heat of the sun and frost winter and may suffer wear very quickly.

10 Do I have to link back the controls when you change the batteries?

Keyless Lock not delete the links with remote controls when replacing the batteries.



Remote lock features:
The first characteristic: None keyhole design: completely abandon the traditional key lock remote control to open and close fully implemented thieves unlock another high technology, but also can not start. No key hole, not afraid of technology unlock, not afraid of blocking the keyhole;
The second characteristic: the door without any exposed equipment: other electronic door locks have a basic identification devices, electronic locks such as fingerprint, password, electronic lock, IC card electronic locks and so on, unlock the door, there will be a corresponding identification equipment, drawbacks is that it allows the installation position of the lock thieves glance, easy to implement destruction. Our wireless remote control anti-theft lock installation is complete, the door without any exposed equipment, so that thieves can not do anything
The third characteristic: The United States Microchip Keelog Rolling password works, password 1000000000000000 set amount or more, difficult to crack;
The fourth characteristic: remote password can be modified once lost the remote control, you can immediately change the remote password so that the lost remote control is no longer valid;
Fifth Features: Unique lock body structure, anti-jamming, anti-destroy
Several issues you care about most
1. no electricity how to do ?
Our door is equipped with intelligent battery management. We recommend alkaline batteries with high energy battery , With DC5V mobile power supply, use, such as travel for two years, lock body is supplied with electricity
(1) When the battery is low, the lock will be audible and visual alarm , prompting the user to replace the battery, but can also be used normally for about a month .
(2) When the battery level continues to drop , lock audible alarm and automatically shut off the power function prompts the user to replace the battery immediately .
2.remote control lost how to do ?
When customers buy a lock with more than a few will be put , it is recommended that all family members in the office or spare them , to prevent loss . If you lose it all without careful, this section has the lock and the lock itself again with the remote control code function , just put together the rest of the remote control , refer to the manual process of completing a re-allocation code , lost the remote control to lose the role ! Also, if the remote control is not enough, you can also use this approach to increase again with the code ! Very simple and practical !
3.The circuit is broken how to do?
In the back there is an emergency lock open keyhole , with a small screwdriver or other hard columnar shut by the direction to go in the direction of continuous slide lock to open the door. Need emergency lock open keyhole back half of the positions reserved for holes in the security door at the time of installation and lock the door for their own good sign recognizable . In case of failure in the lock when the door needs to sign this emergency drill hole to open the emergency keyhole open , complete the emergency release will not cause damage to the security door !
1, Invisibility
The traditional mechanical locks, electronic locks , lock, password lock , IC card lock the door , there will be a corresponding door keyhole or identification equipment , easy to implement thieves destroyed the lock biggest feature is no keyhole design , completely abandon the traditional the key lock on and off with the remote control is fully realized , no lock, unlock even if the thieves have high technology, but also unable to start , the real burglar .
2, Intelligence
Battery replacement reminder : When the battery using a long time, the battery voltage is lower than normal after 2.5V , LED light will flicker , the buzzer alarm will sound to alert the user to replace the battery .
Remote lock automatically open function: user yet replaced because tourism, travel and other reasons long battery management tips out battery when the battery voltage is low for the 1.9V, remote lock will automatically open , to ensure that users will not be completely without electricity due to battery after open the door to happen. ( Out of a long-term proposal , must be replaced with new batteries )
The remote centralized management features: remote locking remote control as long as the participation of each of the multiple sets of the same configuration when the remote lock with code , you can open multiple sets of remote lock , is that users have more housing units only need a remote control to participate in open sets with remote lock
Wireless Invisible Anti Theft Electric Keyless Stainless Steel Remote Control Door Lock For home
1.Easy to install
2. 4 pcs of remote controllers.
3.Color:Silver and Yellow

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