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Silver Metal Digital Electronic Password Cabinet Lock | Code locks
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 Silver Metal Digital Electronic Password  Cabinet Lock | Code locks


Detailed instructions



1.  voice  prompts 

When operating the electronic cabinet lock has a different voice prompts


2.  light prompts 

Tip three colors of light (yellow light on behalf of the police, on behalf of low red
 light, green light on behalf of unlocking)

3.  emergency door features


  1. in-house without electricity or battery-voltage-driven motor in the case, can unlock  the external power supply;


  1.  When the user forgets the password, you can use the admin password or unlock code hopping;

4. Low-voltage alarm function 


When the voltage is too low, enter the password lock and accompanied by four flashing

 red light after the groups sound the alarm, the alarm can lock in low pressure about 100 times. We recommend that you replace the batteries as soon as possible.

5.  Password Digit  :
Length of User and admin password: 4~10 bits, software-digit jump code is fixed at 10


6. Password Recovery :

  1. When the user forgets the password, use the admin password to unlock the same time to complete the user password to the factory password;


 2 When the administration password is forgotten, long press on the motherboard reset switch three seconds to the management password to the factory management code.


7.  Multi-level password management  
User password, manage passwords and code hopping hierarchical management,

user and admin password can modify according to customer needs.


8. Password protection :

When the password input error, the yellow light flashing four beep tones at the same time, if the continuous input the wrong password three times, the motherboard is locked cabinet lock for 5 Minutes, and the operation buttons no response, can effectively prevent malicious theft from passwords.


9.  Mode switching function
Stand-alone with an open switch can manage the password.


10.  state prompts

  In open mode, the lock can be set in the off state by light flashes, indicating cabinet
 locks have been used (to prove this cabinet locks have been Occupation, this feature applies to open up the public mode, used in public places)


11.  Unlock password can be free to enter, as long as continuous input (such as the correct  password is 1234, you can enter 36582141234 or 123435984236, you can 36,235,123,435,962
can unlock) contains the correct password can unlock, prevent others On the sidelines to steal passwords. Enter the correct password from the beginning to the end (with random 
 garbage), not more than 20, otherwise the system prompts an error.


12.  Optional features 
 Data acquisition using a PDA can view recently unlocked (open less than 200) records (including time lock, unlock password, identity), After collecting data, software or can

be read on handheld devices




  • Operating Temperature: -25 ~ +60  degree


  • Operating Humidity: 5% RH ~ 95% RH


  • Quiescent Current: indicator is off quiescent current: ≤ 5uA


  • instant start (Unlock) Current: ≤ 250mA


  • operation key operating current: ≤ 20mA


  • Battery Life: Under normal circumstances, open the door> 20,000 times, more than 12 months, under-voltage alarm can open the door about 100 times
  • static: Air Discharge 15KV, contact discharge 8KV


  • Power Supply: Four AAA alkaline batteries quality


  • battery power through the power circuit from accidental outages, the system will not  crash again, power or unusual circumstances

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How to purchase door lock?
·         Look at the locks if the surface is smooth. Inferior locks are usually bumpy surface, there are obvious defects, and surface coating easily fade.
·         The accessories are complete, check the door lock inside the packaging, the feel is comfortable.
·         See if the testing proved that the national quality inspection departments.
·         Note optional lock and the door the same opening direction.
·         Note that the width of the house border, ball lock, handle lock door frame can be installed not less than 90mm.
·         If you choose to handle lock should seek to lock the handle of each function panel the same shape, the room a more coordinated.
·         The length of the bolt(side door to lock the center) is range from 60 mm to 70 mm, generally locks attached to a length of 60 mm.
·         Locks apply to door thickness 38 mm-45 mm, but can be extended to 50 mm.
·         Part of the handle lock have the difference from left and right, respectively, outside the side door, door hinge in the right hand side is the right door, door hinge in the left-hand side is left open the door.
·         Households into the door lock is selected, it should be noted that the spacing of the security doors and entry door can not be less than 80 mm, or security door and off into the household door locks on security doors.
Use and maintenance
·         Install ball locks Note: can only be with the insurance end of the line removed to install, Do not tear down the other end with a key to install, it is best to read the instructions carefully.
·         Install the handle lock to pay particular attention to: left open the right to open the swap caused by the opening of the door handle up carry to the name, because in high-end handle lock on the market today has more than from left to right, purchase withoutconsider open the door direction. Safety in a timely manner must be the original one-on-one installation manual.
·         When installate the surface of the lock must not contact with paint, xylene and other chemicals. Ken color to lock surface coating.
Installation Notes
·         Do not drop to the lock cylinder oil. If the key to open the flexible one can be built to key eye caused by the pencil shavings.
·         Do not use a damp cloth to wipe the lock and handle, to prevent rust.
·         It is best holding the handle when closing the door, the rotary latch into the lock, close the door and then let go, do not force to strike to door, otherwise it will reduce its useful life.
Questions and answers
·         Q: What is the material of the lock is?
A: Aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy and copper.
·         Q: The gold will fade?
A: Any plating color to fade, just different colors, the time difference, in general, gold easier to fade, currently on the market the latest PVD plating technology may solve this problem, ensure that the gold does not fade.
·         Q: Whether left open, the right to open?
A: Most of the locks is that regardless of left open, the right to open, divided into left and right door lock on the labeling and packaging will have a special annotated. The difference between right and left are: outside the side door, the door hinge in the right hand side is the right door, door hinge in the left-hand side is left open the door.
·         Q: The lock cylinder length is appropriate?
A: If you need to be replaced to the original lock cylinder to match the job. If it is newly installed, then spherical locks and handle lock installed door frame can not be less than 90 mm.