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Video Door Phone IP Wireless Wifi Video Intercom unlock from Smartphones
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Pay Attention,please ! The price includes Freight charge  . free shipping , You don't need to pay more .  

--No matter where you are
--Even away from home
--You can watch and control your door with our wifi ip video door phone.

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 Q: Your intercom support POE or need external power .
--- A: need external power. It is already included in our kit.
 Q: The intercom is with a keypad, can I use PIN Code to open or card?
--- A: Use PIN code to open.
 Q: How many relay output for Door?
--- A: Two relays, one for magnetic door lock, one for door bell.
 Q: If we have a villa with three doors (front and 2 back door) so what will we need setup your system?
--- A: You can have 3 outdoor station in one time. And in the "controlcam" application, have no limited quantity for outdoor stations. (as you can see Photo- 3 outdoor stations)
 Q: For multi-apartments but still can do the same function as the villa unit ?
--- A: Not for buildings, only for villa currently.
  Q: Do you have any distributers or agents in Egypt?
--- A: Not yet. Are you interested to be our agent in Egypt? We can talk more details.
 Q: It could be work with SIP server for example with IP SIP PBX?
--- A: Sorry, it's IP server not SIP.
Q:What Apps is for Android?
--- A: Please search "controlcam" on Google Play or iOS app store, you can download the application.
 Q: Do you have CE certificate for Controlcam?
---  A: Yes, all of our products approved CE&FCC,RoHS certificates.
 Q:How to find app for the video door phone?
--- A: well, you can download IOS from APP.STORE , and Android from Google Play.
 Q: Can you translate our local langue for app.?
--- A: Yes, we can. But you have to help translate the English into your local language.

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Please download videos which shows how to set as  below 
To download Controlcam app for Iphone or Ipad at: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/controlcam/id897818122?mt=8.
To download Controlcam app for smart phones with Android system at: https://play.google.com/store.